Sunday, June 5, 2011


I discovered bowling as a sport when my loving lola (grandmother) bought me a toy bowling set .I thought it was fun.
Eventually, I discovered bowling as one my favorite sports.

When I went to home school, I chose bowling to be my sport in P.E subject.

Here in Riyadh, I study bowling in AL Khozama Hotel. Many thanks to my coach Mr. Berroya for spending time teaching me the basics of bowling for FREE.. I enjoy my first session and I learn how to do the proper posture and position in playing bowling.

After the first session, we went to buy the bowling ball in UBC.  My Dad and Mom thought of buying second hand ball because it’s too expensive to buy a brand new one.  But guess what?  I was able to buy a brand new bowling ball (6lbs heavy). 
My First Bowling Ball

I am so excited to learn more till I become very skilled in this sport.  I am very thankful to my loving parents for supporting me in playing my favorite sport…bowling.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Guitar Recital: A Great Start

Yesterday was a special day not only for me but for my whole family.  It was my  first time to perform using an instrument.

I remember when my Dad and Mom asked me last month what instrument would I like to enroll this summer.  Violin was really my first choice.  But unfortunately, it's not available and it's very difficult to find an instructor here in Saudi Arabia.

My Mom advised me to try guitar instead since it's almost similar to violin. To boost their encouragement, my Dad promised me to reward any toy I would like to buy if I finish my guitar lessons.

I know ever since,  they would give only the best things for me.  So with no more second thoughts I enrolled in guitar lessons in AL Taj International School in Riyadh.

Truly, after 2 months of  training, I learned the basic lessons of guitar.  I gain more confidence and I discover my other potentials as far as music is concerned.

Aside from that, I met new friends.  What excites me more is the upcoming intermediate lessons wherein I will be studying with my friends as well.

friends in guitar class

friends with guitar coach... Teacher Mike

guitar recitalist

This is a good start for the me since I will be returning to a regular school this June.

By the way,  as promised by my Dad... I got my toy for my collections.
My reward after guitar recital

Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer Activity: KFC (Kids for Christ)

Yesterday, I was so excited to attend the Kids For Christ Summer Activity. 

The activity is different from the usual activities we have in the community.  There were four activities I participated. 

Playing instruments 


We were taught simple steps in the tune of “ Baby O” by Justin Bieber. The workshop started with simple exercise.



We were taught to sing Christian song while doing it’s action and when to do high tones and low tones

Led by Tita Maila


We were allowed to act with different kinds of feelings like being happy, sad, and scared.


I feel proud and thankful to Papa God for the talents He gave me.  I pray that I may use them for His Glory.

Monday, March 28, 2011

My View in Mining in Palawan

After watching a documented report about mining in Palawan in TFC, I was so affected how a beautiful island like Palawan is currently being abused by some people who only think of themselves.

I am concerned about our environment because of mining. Mining destroys lands, trees, and mountains .
These are just some effects of mining like cutting trees and land erosion. Just imagine if we don’t stop this .The whole world will lack oxygen because of many lost trees.

Because of mining, miners earn money. Because of mining we have jewelries. 

Because of mining, miners are able to provide pleasures for their families.

      chocolates for their kids

   jewelries for their wives.

         But to our mother earth, do they give pleasure?  


What about the next generation especially the kids?

What shall they eat? 

What shall they drink? 

Where shall they live? 

Where shall they play?   

This is no joke .


to mining 

Sunday, January 30, 2011

HELE PROJECT for Second Quarter

One of the subjects that makes homeschooling exciting for me is HELE.  It is all about home economics and livelihood education.  Here, I learn many practical information that will surely benefit me in the future.

Last second quarter, my Mom asked me to prepare 2 recipes.  I had to research their ingredients and nutritional value. During the question and answer,  I had to defend my recipes as nutritious otherwise, it would affect my final grades in this subject.  Then I had to submit a copy of my project.  I decided to use Power point to apply what my Dad taught me about computers.


Ingredients: Spaghetti, olive oil, basil, bell pepper, garlic, salt and pepper

Boil water, add salt.

Add olive oil

Add pasta and continue stirring until it becomes Al-dente.  Drain water.

Heat olive oil
Saute garlic and bell pepper

Add cooked spaghetteni, Mix.  Season with salt, pepper and basil.

Finished product

Learning Achievement

I find this recipe simple and healthy because it uses: 
1. Olive oil which is rich in antioxidant that repairs cell membrane, monounsaturated fats, Vitamin E. 
2. Red bell pepper which contains high Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, folic acid, carotene and large amount of phyto-chemicals which proven to fight cancers.   (GROW group).
4. Salt contains mineral sodium chloride which regulates water which is called fluid balance.
5. Wheat contains niacin which uses protein; zinc for good skin and growth; riboflavin for good eye vision. (GO  group)

Ingredients:  chicken breast, banana catsup,  soy sauce, olive oil, pepper, sugar.

nDo hand washing  and prepare ingredients.

nPre heat before putting the chicken in  the oven.

nMix soy sauce with ketchup.
nAdd sugar  and pepper to taste

nMarinate the chicken  for  at least 2 hours.

Put olive oil

nPut the chicken in the oven at 200 Celsius.

Finished product

nI consider this recipe healthy because it uses the breast part of the chicken without the skin.  Instead of using charcoal for grilling, I used the oven . I used olive oil to add flavor and it is healthier than the typical barbeque sauce. 

Chicken is rich in protein and phosphorus. 

nThis belongs to Go group food.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A birthday celebration

Last October, I celebrated my 11th birthday.  Just like my past birthdays, no big celebration was done.  Though it is the usual routine in our family, I consider this as one of my great birthday celebrations because my family is finally complete.

We spent my special day in Riyadh zoo.  Funny to say, I was able to visit first the zoo here in Riyadh than our own zoo in Manila. 

Visiting Riyadh zoo is a worth one.  I discovered how Saudi people give importance to bonding time with their families. 

The space is very big.  You can actually bring food, look for a shaded place and have a picnic. There are lots of food stalls within the zoo so there's no problem in buying water in case you feel dehydrated. It is advisable to go early morning when the sun is not yet too hot.  You better bring caps, shades or umbrella for sun protection.

Bringing cameras is not prohibited inside. Just avoid taking pictures including Saudi women.  It is strictly prohibited to take pictures in any public areas here in Saudi.

There are some animals which I am already familiar with like:




There are more animals which I saw here for the first time like:







There are many animals from different groups that everyone can appreciate in this place.

The SR 10 entrance fee is reasonable enough  for you to see and discover the different animals in Riyadh zoo.

Aside from the animals, I enjoyed my day because I  was  with my loving parents who never forget to spend quality time with me.